Thursday, March 10, 2011

#165: Wilfred Hahn

We may have entertained some doubts concerning Ted Haggard eligibility for our encyclopedia. No such doubts concerning Wilfred Hahn. For a taste, you may wish to read this. Here he asks the inevitable question I am sure many readers have pondered: “Does government debt have an endtime role?” By even asking the question, you kinda know what Hahn’s answer is going to be. “Taken together with several other trends and a literal scriptural perspective, in our view, it leads to an irrefutable diagnosis. These developments do align with endtime Bible prophecy.” (I think “irrefutable” means “non-falsifiable”). Really, this article is a study in equivocations (you can see them coming from far away in these claims): “The world has agreed to endorse humanist materialism”, “To begin, it is crucial to understand that economics is not a science. It is a philosophy … really, a religion”

Wilfred Hahn is a prolific writer, it seems (a collection is here), which I guess is easy when you don’t have to consider coherence, truth or justification. Much of it is interesting, though. His attacks on anti-Semitism are downright bizarre. His endtime signs for the secularists are amusing, though.

He is also a global warming denialist, interestingly starting from (rather than ending at) the premise that science is a secular conspiracy. I haven’t read anything on evolution from him, but I don’t think I need to. I wasn’t completely able to figure out his argument against China’s one-child-per-couple policy, but the conclusion was “With so many single, non-family-rooted men soon coming of military age in the future, events and trends could move into rapid alignment with events prophesied in Revelation 9:14".

Hahn may be Canadian, but has at least operated from the US for a while.

Diagnosis: Delusional dimwit. Probably relatively harmless.

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