Saturday, March 19, 2011

#178: Arthur David Horn

Arthur David Horn is not a creationist. He believes in guided evolution, a view that is common enough among religiously oriented Americans. But he’s got his own twist, of course. Modern man isn't the result of natural selection selection. Rather, evolution was artificially controlled by reptilian extraterrestrials who bred mankind as servants and continue to rule the planet today (from the shadows). The reptilians, devious rascals as they are, have subtly altered our perception of and understanding of history and hold power over humankind. They operate by directly controlling an elite group of humans. Can you guess who? Well, if it is not the Jews, it must be … the Illuminati (just spot the eye in the dollar bill!). He presented his views during a "Galactic Gathering" organized by The Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations. I cannot really find a website, but some info is given here, or perhaps here, or here - all seem delightfully whacky and unprofessional.

At least here you have Horn himself, giving you the details of his theory (including the twelfth planet). He even has Sumerian hieroglyphs and interpretations of them – and a fascinating web design. Horn was a pupil of Zecharia Sitchin. Guess which planet the twelfth one is … yep, it’s Nibiru, of Mayan Calendar fame. (We had planned an entry for Sitchin, but he disqualified himself by dying October 9th last year; a real pity – he was a gem).

For more on lizard people, you can check out the discussions on the blog belonging to the seriously mentally challenged (but British) David Icke.

Funny thing is that Horn (apparently) has a Ph.D. from Yale and was employed by Academia for a while (a biologist, in fact), but apparently something happened. It is claimed that it all changed when Arthur met his wife Lynette, a “metaphysical healer”, but something must have gone wrong before then, given that they met in July of 1988 when they spent a week in Northern California's Trinity Mountains searching for Sasquatch, commonly known as Bigfoot.

PZ Myers puts it in context here.

Diagnosis: Totally insane, of course, but completely harmless and kinda cute.


  1. Your ignorance is completely harmless and kinda cute. Only small, feeble minds post blogs belittling other people.

    1. If this comment is not a poe it is pretty priceless. You do see how the claim you make in your second sentence applies to the accusation you make in the first sentence, right?

    2. Seeing things differently from the status quo is often right-on. People who believe the status quo when the status quo is wrong are deceived. Think about it...

  2. Sad how sticking your neck into the mysteries of this crazy world and not always following the orthodox view on things means that something has "gone wrong."

  3. Me thinks he must have enjoyed too much of things not from your local pharmacy while he was in Colorado. Sad waste of a life. He might have discovered life saving cures.Oh well....

  4. Can you mailing me , your traducion that argila tablets?